A Field Theory ?

We propose a field theory that draws from Newton’s law of gravitation and some insights from the theory of relativity. Among other things, we argue that the “gravitational constant” is in fact a variable that depends on particles’ relative distances, velocities and masses (“gravitational force charges”). We call these variables “G-variables”. We show that in our solar system, the G-variables are fairly stable around the value of “ 6.7×10-11 Kg-1 m3 s-2”. We then postulate that other forces follow a law that has the same analytical form as the “gravitational law”, with their own “G-variables”. Using this new “generalized law”, we try to explain certain phenomena known in physics. Our theory does not require any “curvature of space time”, “dark matter” or “dark energy”. It is also fully deterministic and can explain how “quantization” of physical phenomena is possible in a deterministic context. This is possible because the law we propose unifies interactions from different forces in a fully deterministic context. Physical quantities could have discrete changes when particles such as “photons” suddenly move far away (outgoing radiation) or come close (incoming radiation) to the physical system whose quantities are being observed. “Quantization” may also reflect the properties of solutions to the equations describing the law of motion we propose. We also argue that different observers in different space-times can see the same law of motion but see different “times” and “distances”.


In our solar system, for each planet and at any point in time, the variable

“(Square of the velocity of the planet around the sun in meters per second) x (Distance of the planet to the sun in meters)/ (Mass of the sun in Kg)" is close to “ 6.7×10-11 Kg-1 m3 s-2”. This implies that in Newton’s law of universal gravitation, the gravitational constant "G" may in fact be a variable quantity, which can be approximated by the variable above in the solar system. We call these variables “G-variables”. This paper provides a more detailed expression of the "G-variables". It then extends Newton’s law to explain other phenomena known in Physics.

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